Friday, December 29, 2006

A Happy Birthday Shout out!

Today is my sister Erin’s birthday. She is 21 months younger than me. That’s the same difference in age between Pookie and G and then G and Bun. I’d like to recall a few things to celebrate her special day:

Erin was (is) the Aloha spirit of the family ever since she could smile. She greets everyone like they’re her best friend.

Erin used to pick up ABC gum off the ground and appreciate it a little more before Mom or Dad discovered it and made her spit it out.

Erin has an amazing ability to adopt the accent of people she’s visiting with or where she’s living.

Erin used to purposely spill her milk when she was really little because she didn’t like it. (hmm… Now I’m seeing some resemblances between Erin and my little G.)

She loved to wear bright colors—especially neon. She used to dress like a true Filipino.

Erin enjoys naming all plants, fish, and cars Margo.

Erin’s favorite color was red growing up (I think maybe still).

Erin is always Miss Scarlet when she plays Clue and is a notorious cheater in all board games.

Erin used to get me in trouble all the time, but I love her still cuz she’s my sister.

Happy Birthday Erin!


Amy said...

Awww - that was great. I personally remember the cheating at boards games one myself. HAHAHAHA!

piglet26 said...

hahahaha!!! Very funny...about the ABC gum, I think it only happened once. Yes, i still love to cheat and my favorite color is red! luv erin


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