Friday, December 23, 2016

A Homemade Christmas

At the beginning of November, I approached my children with the idea of homemade gifts for the sibling they chose for the Christmas gift exchange.  Being of the rarely employed variety of children, they liked this idea.

When they chose a name out of the bowl, I wrote it down in case they forgot or in case they needed ideas.  Only two came to me for ideas:  Bun and Pookie.  

Honestly not sure if the littles even did it, but I figured that was up to them.  I offered a couple times for them to run an idea past me.  So we'll see if the younger kids did anything...

Bun had Hammy's name for the exchange.  He decided to make a padded binder. 

Hammy's favorite color is yellow, so that's what Bun went with.  

Gabbers bought an inexpensive plain magenta shirt (Peach's favorite color) and then decorated it for Peach.

Pookie thought that this would be a fun shirt for Biscuit since she likes stars.  I think it looks like it says, "Easter," but he thought she'd like it since her name starts with an "E."

I love seeing my kids' creativity grow!

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