Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The 2nd tire and a Pokemon GO! birthday party

Wednesday (the day after we got to Grandma and Papa's house) we contacted the Les Schwab in town and told them about our first tire and how the shaking started again with the van after it was replaced.  Upon inspection they discovered the rear left tire was bulging and about to blow out and said we were VERY fortunate to notice the shaking and have it seen before it did.  

So before we could head to a totally awesome Pokemon birthday party for my nephew, we hung out in the Les Schwab lobby while they put a new tire on it.

The good people at Les Schwab checked the remaining two tires (that weren't purchased from them) and said they looked fine but it's possible we had a bad batch of tires and they could have the same problems.

Then we ventured on to my nephew's birthday party where my creative sister put together an amazing Pokemon bash with more than 25 kids, a handful of rare live Pokemon running through the neighborhood (in colorful leggings) and kids chasing them down with a giant pokeball.

It was so much fun that the van troubles faded away.

A very rare Pokemon card ;)
Cute birthday nephew as Ash Ketchum
Cute niece as Pikachu 

For a YouTube video from the party, you can click this link. 

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