Friday, July 29, 2016

When your guardian angel meets an untimely death...

One of my dearest friends gave me this angel before she left North Dakota like a decade ago.  I don't know exactly how my kids knocked it off the quilt rack, but they did and it resulted in the beheading of this beloved angel.

Not 5 minutes later I had to use the bathroom and found a toilet paper tube in my toilet with urine in there too.
I briefly considered flushing it and then had visions of an overflowing toilet and plumber bills to accompany it.  So I gathered up my courage and fished it out with the handle of the plunger.   

I wanted lots of kids.  I got lots of them.  I had no idea NO STINKING IDEA the struggle they would put my momma heart through every single day, how they would be instrumental in moulding me into the woman and mother God knows I can be.

I'm grateful for them and love them more than my own self.  I'm grateful for the times of quiet reflection I have to think through the day's events and refine my actions for the future and pray and beg for serenity.

But you can be sure I'm going to visit them in my old age and say stuff about their cooking and maybe give their kids naughty ideas to avenge me.


Kim-the-girl said...

Your last paragraph killed me! So funny. 😂

Laurie said...



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