Sunday, May 22, 2016

Life's sweet with Grandma and Papa

Yesterday, while my parents were visiting, the kids were asking what national day it was.  

Turns out it was strawberries and cream day.  So when I took the oldest to the commissary to see if he could get a job there, I picked up some strawberries and Cool Whip.  I knew they'd be pleasantly surprised to have a sweet dessert.

But while I was gone, my parents went to a few stores and returned with a couple cartons of ice cream, cookies, Reese's cups, crackers, and potato sticks.  So they had ice cream for dessert after dinner last night.  My kids were ELATED about that.  

Grandma and Papa for the win.

This morning after breakfast but before church, right after my parents left and the house seemed dull, I said, "Let's get out that special treat we bought."

So Pookie and I got out strawberries and Cool Whip and served up 8 little dishes.  They were super grateful and shared their thanks with me.

I said, "Do you know why I bought this?"

"No," they said in unison.

"I got it because yesterday was strawberries and cream day," I said.

"That's right!" they said. 

The twins said, "Grandma looked it up on her phone." 

"THANK YOU GRANDMA!!!"  They all yelled (in the general direction they had driven away).

Grandma for the win.  Again.

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