Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Clothing Room aka The Family Closet

This feels kind of embarrassing to share but I have had several people ask how we do a family closet.  And since I took pics to answer in a KonMarie group I'm in, I'm finally ready to share with the friends and family who asked.

First of all, it's just the 8 kids who's clothing is kept here with the small amount in the closet that is my husband's physical fitness clothing.  Our clothing is in our own room. 

The only clothes the children have in their room is dirty and in a laundry basket waiting for their wash day.

Each kid has approximately 8 outfits (not counting swimsuits or church clothes) that they rotate through.  Piles are sparse because they need to wash or have washed and haven't folded and put away yet.

The clothes that are in-between sizes are kept in totes in the corner.  There are also a few extras of each type of clothing in most sizes, but we have found it much more manageable to limit the children to 8 outfits.  If one gets stained or a hole, then I get another out.

Shoes that are in-between sizes are in the tote under the bucket of black socks.

It's not beautiful, but it works really well for us.

I do intend to KonMarie this room.  When that happens, I'll probably share pics.

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