Monday, February 01, 2016

FHE activity -- Lego scripture stories

This week the twins have had an increased interest in talking about scripture stories (usually when falling asleep).  

So tonight for Family Home Evening activity, I told the kids they had 7 minutes to build a Lego representation of a scripture story they read or heard in the last week.

"I made the sea turning to blood." -- Squdge

"This is Moses when the sea turned to blood and the white is the dead fish." -- Tater

"This is when the Israelites passed through the Red Sea on dry land with the bad guys (Egyptians) after them.  The white is the Israelites and the red is the bad guys following them.  But they're going to get swallowed up."  -- Hammy

"This is Moses on the sea that turned to blood." -- Bun

"The Israelites in the wilderness gathering manna for Sunday." -- Gabbers

"Mine is blue water coming out of a gray rock symbolizing when Moses struck the rock and the water came out." -- Pookie

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