Monday, January 04, 2016

In which we find out Bun was telling the truth all along

Today I took Bun to a follow-up appt for his glasses.  He got a prescription the end of November and his first glasses came in about a week into December.  

He complained that he could see better without the glasses.  I told him if he just wore them for a week he'd get used to them and could see better.  

Several times I found him lifting them up to look without them or looking over the top.  

Danny and I bribed him with $5 to just wear them for a week straight.

So he did.  But he said they still weren't right.  

Christmastime kept us busy during which I tried to get him to keep wearing them properly.

Today I thought (and the resident thought too) that he was lying about what he saw on the screen during the eye exam to prove he couldn't see.  

When she left the room, I had stern words with him.

"We know that you need glasses.  Answer honestly about what you see so we can get the right prescription.  No amount of faking is going to help you here."

"I can't see with these glasses," he insisted.

"Is it the frame?  Are they so dark you can't see past them?  Or is what you're seeing blurry?  Would you prefer wire frames?  Would that help?"  I asked.

"It might," he said.

"Look, we need to know the prescription first of all.  I cannot afford to buy you another pair if they're not right.  So be honest with the doctor," I pressed.

The resident and doctor came in together after measuring his glasses and comparing them to the prescription from today.  They put together these practice lenses to see if the prescription from today would work.

And guess what?  He could see.  He could see clearly and was very happy about it. 

(I told him I'm showing this picture to his first date.)

So why couldn't he see out of his glasses?  

The previous prescription was made wrong-- completely wrong-- not even close.

Poor kid.  

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