Thursday, October 01, 2015

Duct tape book bags

My Capri Sun bag was on its last leg.  So I've been experimenting making no-sew duct tape book bags for the kids to see if I want to make a bag for me.
First one I made was this gallon size ziploc bag with gummy bear duct tape.

It was super easy using a bag as a guide.  I liked it being see-thru on one side.

Next I made a Minion book bag for Hammy from a one gallon ziploc.
It's black duct tape and Minion duct tape on one side and just Minions on the other.
His bag doesn't have a see-thru space.

When I was done with his bag, about 376 kids were lined up with ziploc bags of varying sizes placing their order for a book bag.

This little cutie (coated in pomegranate juice) handed me a quart-size bag and requested gummy bear tape.

She was disappointed when I was done and she realized it was way smaller than Hammy's.

But I sold her on its awesomeness by putting a mini notepad in it, a board book, and some scissors.  Plus she likes that hers is also see-thru.

While making the 4 year old a bag, the oldest made himself a tie-dye duct tape candy bag.  
My new no-sew Capri Sun/duct tape bag.

Next on the crafting list:  make a wallet/clutch (not the bi-fold kind).

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