Monday, January 05, 2015

Two little girls and their iPuppy

Dear Journal,

This evening before bed, I found Peach (4) and Biscuit (2 1/2) giggling and taking my phone for a walk by its cord like it was a puppy.  

I yelled at first sight.  Then I saw the happy look on their faces dissipate.  

I suppose my phone costs about the same as a puppy-- but it doesn't poop.  

I love dogs.  But with eight small kids in a 3-bedroom home looking at possibly moving overseas this year, a dog is not in our near future.  

Would it be so bad if I let them pretend things are puppies and take them on walks?

I love these little imaginative girls.
Biscuit and Peach at the playground today hiding in the shade of the playhouse because it was so sunny out.

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Way to see it through their eyes! I'm not good at that, at all!!!


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