Monday, July 28, 2014

Bun and Biscuit's birthdays

Today we celebrated Bun and Biscuit's birthdays.  Bun turned 9 and Biscuit turns 2 tomorrow.
Bun, along with Danny's help, grilled hot dogs at the park for dinner.  He also picked up litter to finish one of the last three achievements for his Wolf in Cub Scouts.

All the kids had a fun time playing with sand, playing on the playground, and with bubbles from their goodie bags.

After dinner we came home and for Family Home Evening lesson listened to several examples of children who helped the planet by being humanitarians or environmentalists (the final thing in his Wolf book).  
After FHE, we had birthday cake for refreshments.  Biscuit was especially in awe at all the chocolate on the cake.  Her favorite!

Happy Birthday Bun and Biscuit!

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