Friday, June 27, 2014

Fool's Gold on Friday

Today we learned about Samuel Champlain and Henry Hudson's explorations hoping to find a quicker passage to India and China to trade for silks and spices in Story of the World Volume 3 chapter 4.
We got done early since Danny had taken Hammy to his speech therapy and Bun and the twins tagged along to help him run errands afterwards.
So basically I just taught Pookie, Gabbers, and Peach about the elusive Northwest Passage, while Biscuit played with Nippett (the dog we are watching for my friend).
We were kinda bored when we were all done with our maps, comprehension questions, coloring pages, dictation sentences and chapter test.

So we made our own version of "fool's gold" with white glue and gold glitter.  We made about 10 gold nuggets.

And we made Peach a potty training success chart.

And we twiddled our thumbs and wondered how quiet and peaceful the house is with four less boys.

And we may have had fun with a sharpie too.

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