Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Back to School in Pookieville

I updated our school boxes today.  While many friends are posting about school being out for the summer, we are starting the next grade level and are SO EXCITED SOME OF US WAKE AT 6 AM.  

I have advanced the oldest four to the next grade and started the twins and Peach on learning to read.

 Even though I have dozens of brand-new boxes of crayons, I decided not to give those out yet. I remember loving my own school supplies.  I imagine being one of eight kids, that's just as important.  

Well, Biscuit doesn't get one yet.  That would be like saying, "Here, go color on the walls and cut your sister's hair."  Nope.  We're not ready for that.

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Mary Prather said...

Hi! I'm responding to your comment on my blog today about SOTW... didn't see an email for you, so I'll respond here (sorry!)

I would three hole punch the pages and put them in the notebook. After I got tired of doing this, I purchased the .pdf download of the activity pages from Peace Hill Press and only printed what I needed -- then 3 hole punching was much easier!

Hope this helps!


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