Monday, May 05, 2014

In which Peach learns about The Circle of Life

Yesterday, when we came in from church and walked through the garage, Peach (my 3-year old) noticed the sticky traps caught at least a dozen roly-polies.  She was distraught when Danny told her she couldn't rescue them.

Caterpillars and roly-polies are near and dear to her heart.

Today my poor Peach is upset that her lizard ate her caterpillar.  But nothing I can find online indicates lizards eat caterpillars.  

So she disowned the lizard.  He betrayed her trust and broke her heart.

I'm wondering if it was a salamander.

1 comment:

JoMamma said...

Pets should not betray you.. What can a kid rely on if not their lizard.


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