Thursday, January 30, 2014

My heart grew 3 sizes today.

Hammy, my 6 year old, waited patiently for his turn to jump on the trampoline.  (We have a 3 kids jumping at a time rule when not completely supervised.)

After some time, Squdge got off to play with the riding toys.  Hammy excitedly reported, "Look!  Squdge got off!  is it my turn now?"

I said, "Yes," and he happily climbed on.

Squdge looked up heart-broken and started to whimper a little.

Tater called down to his twin, Squdge, from jumping, "Don't worry buddy!  I have a secret!"

And he climbed down and whispered to Squdge his secret.

Squdge climbed on the trampoline.  Tater came in the house smiling big. 


Sara said...

Heart melting! How sweet!

Rohit Khanna said...

That is so sweet!!

Julie V. said...

What a sweet, heart-warming little story. Thank you for sharing.


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