Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Today is Grandma's new birthday

Today my Grandma would be 91.  For years and years, like 77 years actually, Grandma thought her birthday was November 25.  It was easy for me to remember because it's the day after my sister Leslie's birthday.  November 25 is also my sister-in-law Mary's birthday.  And for years it was Grandma's birthday. We would call Grandma, we would pass around the phone, we all wished her a happy day.

But when my Grandpa died in 1999, Grandma found her birth certificate among the important papers and read November 19th.  She informed all of us of her new birthday.  From then on, we were expected to remember her new birthday.  But I never remember.  So every year I ask my dad, "When is Grandma's new birthday?"

It makes us smile that Grandma has a new birthday.  

Happy Birthday Grandma!  I hope it's a good one.   I'm so thankful for family stories like this one.

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