Monday, November 25, 2013

Today I about had a meltdown.

We learned that the two Temporary Lodging Facilities we would be staying in (for 3 weeks to include Christmas) do not have ovens or full-size fridges.  They said each mini-fridge could hold a turkey if nothing else was in it.  But mostly there was enough room for a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs.

And I found out the commissary was 30 miles away. 

I am thankful to my mom, my local culinary group, and especially thankful to my friend Laurie for calming me down and giving me really great menu ideas. 

The day was not wasted after all.  I may have eaten my weight in chocolate, but I have a really good list now of all the foods we can make for our large family in less-than-ideal living quarters. 

I'm not going to dwell on the Laundromat option at this time...

I am grateful to know that friends and family are ready to help and lend good ideas from their experiences.  :)

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Lisa said...

ooh ooh, pick me! I can't believe I didn't read this until now. It will be ok. I don't know where you're moving to, but if it is somewhere cool-ish, you might be able to store things outside or in a garage to keep them cold. We just had some fabulous hummus for Thanksgiving that doesn't need to stay cold. Also, most pasta sauces don't have to be refrigerated and as long as you eat the entire portion you cook, you should be good. Eat oh-so-delicious (that's sarcasm) breakfasts like bagels, fresh fruit, pancakes (probably best to do these from a mix) with peanut butter, etc that don't need eggs and milk. Other dinners... anything canned that you can warm up like baked beans, soups, etc will be good. You'll probably end up eating more processed foods than you'd like, but it can be done. Cody and I got pretty creative with meals we could cook in a microwave with no refrigeration while we were building, since we had brought out our microwave but didn't have anything else and hated eating out all the time. One time I even made salmon and couscous! It was delicious. :) Good luck!


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