Friday, November 29, 2013

My first pressure cooker Thanksgiving

Yesterday we made turkey in the pressure canner (as a pressure cooker).  It was 40 minutes for our 13.3 lb. turkey and had plenty of turkey stock to make lots of gravy.
Shortly after the turkey was done I cooked the potatoes in my pressure cooker for 6 minutes at pressure.  

The steamer basket for the pressure cooker didn't hold the whole 5 lb. bag, but we reasoned we could make more if we ran out of mashed potatoes (before the other leftovers) since 6 minutes is nothing at all.  

All the food was ready to eat when we realized we hadn't made corn yet.  So I added 2 large bags to the pressure cooker for 3 minutes.  It was done just as everyone was sitting done.

I didn't realize how very flexible my pressure cooker is.  I'm so thankful for the website I got the recipes from.  I can't wait to see what else they have.

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