Thursday, November 28, 2013

In which the twins learn they get to be testers when they help bake

In my opinion, four is the ideal age to start teaching my kids to bake.  Younger than that they usually follow me around and "help" but are too distracted to follow instructions.
Squdge flips Lion House rolls

Tater had a hard time flipping rolls so he chose to cut circles and make Parkerhouse style-- or in his words "mouth rolls."

Squdge and Tater trying the fruits of their labor.  (Squdge was trying to finish chewing before asking for more.)

They especially liked it with strawberry freezer jam.  (We didn't butter our testers since the recipe has butter in it, we add butter before flipping, and butter is brushed on the tops after baking.)

The first thing Squdge said this morning was, "They not hot anymore.  We can eat the rolls now!"

Happy Thanksgiving from our family!  

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