Sunday, November 10, 2013

In which Danny saves potatoes from a germy fall

This little sifter bath toy cup I find in the kitchen when I'm deep cleaning.  Usually I forget it's there until I'm decluttering.  

Then I find it off to the right of the dish-rack with a small collection of items that don't belong in the kitchen like canning jars waiting to go to the garage or peanut butter jars waiting to go to the to-be-crafted area of our home.

Then I think, Why is this toy in the kitchen again?  I should probably wash it.
I wash it, put it in the dish-rack and forget about it until I see it in a freshly scrubbed sink with potatoes.  

Danny is so resourceful.  I'm so thankful for multi-use items.  With 10 people in a 4-bedroom home, multi-use items make the living space easier.  

Me?  My memory isn't good enough to remember to use it or why it even resides in the kitchen.  And that's why I'd probably drop 1-2 potatoes down the garbage disposal and have to re-scrub them like crazy.

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