Saturday, November 16, 2013

Finding Squeegee

I had a dream last night that we got a sucker fish (or Pleco as educated folk call these algae eaters) named Squeegee.  He cleaned the tank so well.

Creamsicle has been our only fish since Rocky Road died right before our Utah/Disneyland vacation.  

My mom renamed the fish when she came after Biscuit's birth last year.  The orange one was Orange Sherbet, the orange and white was Creamsicle, and the sucker fish was Rocky Road.  Mom is a great ice cream appreciator.

The tank has become quite cloudy without Rocky Road to clean it.

I told Danny about my dream last night.  So we did minimal Saturday chores this morning and then headed into town to find Squeegee.

We saw a HUGE sucker fish (about 2 feet long) and decided he wasn't the Squeegee we were looking for.  His name was most likely Toothless as he closely resembled Hiccup's dragon on the movie, How to Train Your Dragon.

The kids had a good time hugging and petting guinea pigs, visiting with a customer's jack russell terrier named Cassie, looking at birds, and watching chinchillas.
In the end, we did find Squeegee plus two new goldfish.  

One goldfish is a vibrant orange with black down his black, was very active, and kept jumping out of the net back into the tank.  We named him Flash.  The other goldfish, who is actually more silver than gold, was a lot more tame.  We named him Gordon.

Pookie would've loved to take home a guinea pig.  But I rather value being able to breathe.  I am so thankful for this fun little day trip with Danny and the kids.  I love seeing how gentle Pookie is with the animals.  He has a special connection with the little ones.

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RETA said...

Such a nice story! The little fish sound great. Sweet pictures too.



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