Thursday, November 21, 2013

A new assignment and home for the New Year

Danny received a call last night offering us a house at our next assignment.  This morning at work he received more details.  He called to let me know that we needed to decide by 1 p.m.

"Honey, they are offering us a 3-bedroom 1700 sq. ft. home in the area we want.  It's a two-story and will be available early January," he informed me.


"Nikki?  You still there?"  he asked.

"Yep."  I replied.

"Well, what do you think?" he asked.

"We should sign up for the local ER and acquaint ourselves with the doctors."

"I think we could stack our kids in one corner and prepare for life in a one room hut, dear."


"What do you think dear?"  I replied.  "I support your decision.  I know whatever you choose will be best for our family of ten people, many of whom are accident-prone."

So he decided on it.  And I support him.  I don't know how it will work, but I believe it will.  Who knows, maybe they will call us tomorrow and offer us a 4-bedroom single level home. 

I'm thankful we won't have to pay TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility) or hotel costs in January. 

I am thankful I have a really good reason to purge more things.  It's always a good feeling to declutter and simplify.  I am grateful we will have a home to move in and an actual date instead of living in TLF for an unknown period of time wondering (like when we arrived here and when we arrived in the Frozen North).

We will have two TLF accommodations because fire code says you can't put that many people in just one.

We will have running water and clean sheets.  I won't have to wash my own bedding for a few weeks because someone will do it for me.  And they will vacuum too and scrub my bathrooms.

We will have electricity.  We will have each other. 

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Laurie Fifield said...

As my mom always says (and she's very wise) "This too shall pass." You'll be fine. You're strong.


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