Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear 2009 Nikki,

I know you are entering the last trimester of your twin pregnancy, none of your clothes or shoes fit anymore and you're trying to unpack a new house.

You are desperate for them to be born so you can breathe again and sleep again and not have heartburn from drinking water.

Just wait until they are almost 4-years old and have OPINIONS and IDEAS and think they should change their clothes 5 times a day each.  

Wait until their swimming instructor recommends different class times so they stop trying to drown each other.  

Wait until you and Danny are giving a talk in sacrament meeting and they're having a roll on the floor fist-fight next to the pulpit.

Wait until they ransack the food storage area for their favorite crackers and break the computer mouse when they can't figure out the password.  Wait until they get up in the night when all are asleep and sneak a snack and forget to close the refrigerator.  And they do it again a week later.

And then wait until they're sleeping and take a peek at them and remind yourself that God entrusted you with these special souls.  He has a plan.

You will watch them skip down the sidewalk holding hands on the way back from the mailbox.

You will spy as they giggle and laugh in the bathtub pretending to have a puppet show with bubbles.

You will eavesdrop as they tell each other jokes and laugh at each other hysterically.  

Cherish these moments before another 4 years passes by too quickly.


2013 Nikki 


Laurie Fifield said...

That one brought tears to my eyes.

kmp said...

Me too. Beautifully said, little mama.

kmp said...

Me too. Beautifully said, little mama.


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