Friday, April 12, 2013

Major Dad

April 1st my very own Danny pinned on MAJOR. No fooling!

I am super proud of him.

His commander (seen here on the left) gave an amazing speech about him.

Mom and Dad W. and Danny's oldest brother, Nate, and youngest sister, Sue, and her adorable baby Adrian came out for this special occasion. It was a wonderful, but too short, get-together.


Leslie said...

Such an amazing accomplishment and career advancement! We are so thrilled for your family and proud of Danny! If we lived closer, we'd throw a party for him. So instead we'll just party for him over here :)

JoMamma said...

That is awesome! congrats to your family.

Milu said...

Congratulations to Mr.Diamonte! LOL!
I'm proud of him! And I'm also happy too see you both fine!
I haven't had enough time to log and keep reading your blog as I used to.
Tho I've mailed you few months ago.
We miss you! ♥ And I hope to have news from you soon!

Milu ~


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