Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Adventures in potty training two twins and a Peach

It was Friday, December 28th, and well past the children's bedtime.  I said to Danny, "You know, this Sunday is the twins last Sunday in nursery.  Next Sunday they will be Sunbeams."

He said, "Oh that's a scary thought."

We pondered for a minute.  We cancelled the order of size 6 Luvs diapers from Amazon Subscribe & Save.

First thing Saturday morning Danny started potty-training the twins, Squdge and Tater.  They immediately responded to it.  They went on cue every 20-30 minutes.  No accidents all day.  Peach wanted in on the fun.  She wanted to join the potty-train!  Choo!  Choo!  She wore a diaper after each visit to the potty chair though.

Everytime the twins went to the potty, Peach went too.

I entertained thoughts of just one in diapers!  The money we'd save by not diapering four at a time!

But then I heard things I hadn't heard in years come out of my mouth over the next couple days. 

Where does the poop go?

Hey, hey, hey POTTY!

We go to the bathroom BEFORE the potty comes out.

We don't put poop in our big boy underwear.

Great job!  What a big boy (girl) you are!

Who wants to potty for a jelly bean?

All aboard the potty train!

And some things I never thought I'd ever have to say. 

Only ONE person at a time on the toilet.

No, your buddy doesn't need you to wipe him.

You may only wipe yourself. 

Which one of you left this turd here?

We do NOT play with our poop.


Leslie said...

One ONE person on the toilet at at time? You are such a mean mom! lol!

Lisa said...

*shudder* I despise potty training. I keep praying that just one child will figure it out themselves. Good luck! You have my sympathies! :)

Sherilee said...

Hahahahaha!! Remember to take deep breathes every so often:)And even laugh when no one is looking. You are a great mom Nikki. Love ya!

tina said...

Too funny!!! I hope that goes well for you. That's my least favorite time of toddler years, although toddler years are my favorite thus far. I feel luckily our babysitter did most of it this time around.

A. said...

I was anxious to get going with the girls, but with Sam I am dragging my feet for all those last lines you posted. lol! hmmm... maybe I need jelly bean incentives too.

Melessa said...

That made me laugh this evening. :) I forget that the twins are so close in age to my youngest who is also now a Sunbeam. Good Luck!

Rach said...

Did you show them the Poop in the potty song?! LOVE that song! they will sing it all day long.


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