Monday, November 12, 2012

In which I'm grateful for my two year old Peach

I am grateful for this little Peach.  Today is her birthday and she is TWO. 

She loves to make her toys talk.  She lines them up and diapers them and puts them down for naps. 

Peach colors on the walls, cabinets, fridge, and even windows. 

She cuddles and giggles and has a sing-song voice.  She loves to watch Blues Clues. 

Peach smiles for everyone except the doctor. 

Danny got home from his deployment one week ago today.  When he walked in, Peach took one look at him and ran away screaming and crying.  He happened to be dressed in almost the same uniform as the doctor. 

I love you my Peach!  I hope you always stay sweet and happy. 

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