Sunday, November 04, 2012

Grateful for my little balls of energy

I am grateful for these 2 little monkeys. 
Tater on left, Squdge on right
We just bought a twin/full bunkbed.  These little guys share the bottom bunk and Bun sleeps on top.  I have been having the hardest time keeping them off of the top bunk today. 
But this age is so quick to forgive, so full of energy, and so full of the funniest things to say.
About a week ago, I took this picture.  I had just sat down at my laptop to check upcoming cupcake and bread orders.  It was late-- like 9:45 p.m.
They came out of their room together and went straight into the kitchen.  I could hear them talking amongst themselves and trying to get something out of the sink.  I said to them,
"Come out of the kitchen and don't touch my ingredients.  It's time to go back to bed."
They responded in unison,
"But Mommy, we got ideas!!"

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Lisa said...

They are ADORABLE partners in crime. ;)