Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Gentian Violet

Peach thought it was a funny joke when she saw Biscuit Sunday morning.
Biscuit turned Blueberry Muffin.
So, my little Biscuit has thrush.  I thought at first it was spit-up.  But it wouldn't wipe off, and it just so happened to be ALL OVER the inside of her mouth.  Poor thing.  But then I remembered I had filed away in my G-whiz file that Gentian Violet is what you use for thrush.  I've never had thrush before and neither have the older 7 kids.
So I loaded up my crew and entertained the local Walgreens shoppers Saturday afternoon. 
I brought it home and decided to use it after the kids went to bed. 
What a purple mess!  It was all over her mouth, her cheeks and nose and ears and hands, me, my bra, and the bed.  This last pic was taken after about 4 different attempts to wipe it off throughout the day. 
I guess nowadays, probiotics are the way to go. 
3 days later, she just looks slightly cyanotic.

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