Sunday, July 01, 2012

You need to contact your husband now -- Part I

Tuesday evening I had put the kids to bed.  I sat outside the little boys' room crocheting beaded socks and singing Primary songs after just having read a chapter of Stella the Star Fairy to the kids. 

They were all asleep.  So I tidied up the living room.  There wasn't much-- they had been doing a really good job on their chores.  I vacuumed making nice straight lines that no one would be dancing on for at least 8 hours. 

I ran a sink full of soapy water so I could wash the big dishes that Pookie hadn't finished.  I started the dishwasher.  Then I remembered that I had a cute new shower curtain from the base yard sale page (on Facebook), and it had matching hooks to go with it. 

I'll just grab the step stool and hang this curtain, I thought.  If it's strenuous at all, I'll stop and ask a friend to do it for me tomorrow. 

Other than a couple days of random contractions, I was doing pretty good pregnancy-wise.  I was getting worn out and had recently discovered I could no longer scrub bathtubs or even bathe small children.  But considering all things, we were doing pretty good getting along through our routines and days without Danny.

So back to the shower curtain.  It was cute.  Shark, fish, octopus, and sea creatures adorned it happily.  The hooks matched perfectly.  What a deal for $5! 

I started hanging the curtain, easy-peasy.  No pain.  No strain.  Nothing at all.  I continued through all 12 hooks and removed the ducky curtain and hooks at the same time.  I glanced at the mirror behind me to see how it looked from that angle.  Looking good!  The kids will love it!

I stepped off the step stool and felt wetness on my legs, just under my skirt.  I thought perhaps the ducky shower curtain was wet.  It was a possibility.  I felt the curtain.  Nope.  Totally dry. 

The next thought was much scarier.  Did my water break?  I reached down to check things out.  And nearly fainted when I saw my hand dripping with blood.

to be continued...


JoMamma said...

Why do you torture me? I pray that all is well.

Momza said...

Seriously? That's where you're leaving this?! ACK!

Sara said...

My goodness!! Please finish the story today!


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