Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello Ma'am, would you like your usual room? AKA Labor & Delivery visit #248

I went into Labor & Delivery last night just before 10 p.m. when my contractions weren't stopping (even after taking two doses of Procardia).  I had the same nurse I had about a week ago when I went in for contractions (a few days before my second round of profuse bleeding).

Two times the baby, now known as Biscuit, kicked the monitor so hard it flipped right over. 

Before discharging me from the hospital, they decided to give me a dose of Terbutaline to really put a halt to the contractions.

I've been so worn out today-- not sure if it was from getting home around midnight or from all the drugs.

After the Procardia I took at 7:30 this morning, I had horrible nausea and chest pains and it had only been 10 minutes since the pill. It reminded me of how I felt with Hammy just 30 minutes before his birth. It didn't make sense that the pill would have that effect on my body THAT fast. But I was freaked out for a good twenty minutes wondering if Biscuit was about to pop out a little too undercooked.

I forced myself to eat a bowl of frosted mini-wheats to see if the pill was reacting so strongly because of an empty stomach. After that, I felt like any breath I took was going to be my last.  It was such an effort to breath and to keep my heart beating.  So I went and laid down and prayed until I fell asleep.

It's 2:47 p.m. now and my next pill is due at 3:30. I'm not looking forward to it.

I'm getting stir-crazy being on bedrest. I want to just go to the commissary or something. It's weird being home and not being able to go anywhere other than the hospital or appointments.  However, I am very grateful to not be hospitalized.

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