Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What to do for fun on a Wednesday afternoon...

My washing machine died.  But not before it puked brown streaks all over my white cotton sheets. 

Today for homeschool our lessons are laundromat based.

Pookie will learn the scientific differences between a home front-loader machine and a laundromat top-loader.  He will also note the increased weight between a dry load of dirty laundry and a wet load of clean laundry.

Gabbers will learn how much money it will cost to wash clothes in a laundromat for 7 kids and a pregnant momma for two days worth of clothes and towels (and maybe the sheets).

Bun will learn how many quarters a $20 bill makes.

Hammy will learn that no matter how enticing the vending machines are at the laundromat, Mommy will say "NO."

Tater and Squdge hopefully won't learn that the laundromat echoes and will probably be entranced with watching the large dryers tumble round and round.

Peach will likely smear her face against the big front windows of the laundromat while waiting for Mommy to haul loads back and forth from the van.

Here we go!


FluffyChicky said...

That sucks.

However your laundry based school lessons are funny. :)

Leslie Pugh said...

Yikes! Talk about terrible timing! I sure hope you are able to get it fixed or get a really good deal on a new one soon. Taking kids and clothes to the laundromat when pregnant can't be so fun.

Sara said...

Whew! Good luck! I do like the laundromat lessons! :)

Sarah M said...

These are great lessons, but you are welcome to do laundry at our house anytime (for free)!
Thanks for your humor!

JoMamma said...

I had no idea how educational this could be

Julie V. said...

Nothing like the flexibility of a home school classroom. Getting a new washer?

Nikki said...

Leslie- It was difficult carrying the loads of clean wet laundry on my hip since I can't really carry it out in front-- and they were quite heavy.

Sarah- I may take you up on that offer!

JoAnn- Like my mother-in-law said, "Nothing like the flexibility of a home school classroom." You can make a lesson out of anything and make it fit the requirements of the state. hahaha!

Mom W.- Yep, we're getting a new washer. Danny sent me an email with a picture of silver colored front-loading washer. All it said underneath was, "You're welcome," with a smiley face. I have an awesome husband. But I suspect you know that. ;)


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