Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sick Peach and the nostril clearing trick.

Peach is 17 months today.  Yesterday morning she woke up with a fever of 103.5.  After giving her Tylenol and waiting 1 1/2 hours I called the clinic to make an appointment because it only went down to 101.3.

The Pediatrician said she has a double ear infection.  I told him, "She has really bad breath.  Is that from being sick, or does she have food rotting in her nose?  She has been sticking whatever she can up her nose lately.  I think I get it out, but I'm not sure."

He looked in her nose and declared it clear of foreign objects.  Then he told me, "Next time she sticks something up her nose and you can't get it out, plug the other nostril and blow into her mouth.  It will come out.  Her bad breath is probably from being sick."

So after dinner tonight when she was still eating veggies on her tray, I caught Peach stuffing a piece of corn up her nose.  Excited to see if his method worked, I gave it a try.

HOLY MOLY!  I had no idea how much veggies a Peach could fit in one nostril!  I was sprayed with slimy mixed vegetables.  It works folks.


Janice said...

gross! haha! but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do right?

A. said...

Yuck! I'm trying to imagine trying to pin my toddler into a position to be able to do that in the firstr place. lol (I have to admit, I wish i could have seen. Gotta remember that trick!)

Sarah M said...

oh my! I love your adventures. If either of my two ever do stuff like that, I'm going to remember that trick.

Julie V. said...

sorry to hear that little Peach is sick!!! Give her extra cuddles form her grandma. The nose trick sounds neat, but I admit I had to chuckle when I read how well it works!


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