Sunday, April 01, 2012

Naptime Tweezing

It's naptime and I decided to do something I could not do with Tater awake.  Can you guess?

When I went in with the tweezers, this is what I saw: 

How stinkin' cute is that?  They're holding hands in their sleep.  I was laying down between them to stop them from playing long enough to fall asleep.  Squdge (on the right with the pastel blanket) fell asleep first and then when Tater was almost asleep, I got a phone call from Danny.  I thought for sure that when I came back Tater would be up and playing.  nope.  He just fell asleep holding his buddy's hand. 

Please excuse the quality of pictures.  They were taken on my phone.  My used-to-be trusty camera was recently deployed.  It's okay-- it likes to put a dark spot in the corners of my photos anyway.  So you get now lower quality pics with no dark spot.  :)


Anonymous said...

are those his stitches?! And he didn't wake up?


Cynthia said...

So cute! That hand hold is precious.

My twins used to sleep on top of each other like a little pile of puppies! This weekend my Hubs got to hang out with his twin and the bond just never goes away!

Rach said...

seriously that is too DARN cute! good thing you took a picture. LOVE IT! you should print it out and show it to them when they fight...SEE YOU DO LOVE EACH OTHER!

Tina said...

SOOOOOO cute!!!

Julie V. said...

I love this photo...and yep, I know what was being tweezed. Do you think you got them all yet?


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