Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In which I realize my brilliance.

The playroom was a grand mess.  I know, this shocks you.  And nobody wanted to clean it up-- not even with the threat of me donating everything. 
Well, they did start cleaning it up-- begrudgingly and slow.
Pookie was folding his 35th piece of laundry when I called him out of the laundry room and said, "I want you to go pick up 10 things in the playroom and put them away."
He didn't whine but he slumped off not amused.
Then I called him back and said, "Actually we'll have some fun and do a little code with pick-up."
"Go and pick up 6 things and come back.  When you come back, you're going to write the number 6 on a paper with a line underneath it for the code."
The next number was 18.
Basically "F" is the 6th letter of the alphabet. 
Pookie was having a really good time knowing he'd be decoding when he was done.
When he was done with all the numbers I told him, "1 = A and 26 = Z."
Then he started decoding.  As he was decoding I told him, "When you're done you'll see what prize you get."
In all (if I calculated right), he will have picked up 140 things (be it trash, toys, shoes, clothes, puzzle pieces, whatever).
And his prize?  F R U I T  S N A C K S
I sell them occasionally in the Mommy Store and they're always asking for them.  But I am stingy with the fruit snacks.  They're not good for your teeth you know.  These happen to be Angry Birds fruit snacks (not any better for your teeth but awesome looking).
If you'd like to read about our Mommy Store, you can click on the label "Mommy-Store" on my right sidebar and read the posts that pertain to it.


Large Family Small World said...

Now thats a great idea, how fun!

Dakrat said...

Your brilliance is only one of the many reasons I married you. I will categorize this under "Good Mommy Moments." I love you!

Lisa said...

you are a genius. I've recently started playing "Secret missions" with my kids. Anything secretive is so much cooler than just "be good!"

Sara said...

You are so smart! That's awesome. :)

Feywriter said...

Game + Incentive = Brilliant! This gives me ideas for surviving summer.


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