Monday, February 06, 2012

If you give a Mom some blogging time...

I tried to blog last week.  And I tried to blog today.  But I had to change a poopy diaper first. 
Then when I washed my hands and hunted down a dish towel I was reminded that I needed to fold a mountain of laundry. 

I decided on closing the laundry room door and getting a snack instead.  The kumquat that makes my stomach gurgle was demanding some protein. 

I reheated the leftover steak from the fridge, plopped the baby in her high chair with some peanut butter and Cheerios, answered a few phone calls and listened to voice mails. 

Then I thought about flossing my teeth because I just had steak.  Then I thought if I'm going to go in the bathroom and floss my teeth, I may as well brush them too.  And hey, I need a shower before my OB appointment. 

Then I rememebered that Danny will be home a little earlier than I need to leave for my appointment so I can shower.  So knowing I had some time (bwahaha), I sat down at the computer and attempted to blog.  That's when a twin came in crying because his buddy smashed his finger and I realized being in close proximity to him, I have to change another diaper.

1 comment:

JoMamma said...

I sat down to make a flyer for Relief Society, but ended up reading your blog and a few others. Off to get my oldest at the bus stop great no flyer yet.


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