Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We have a new little person around our home.

This is Chester Charles.  We call him Chester.  He arrived on Monday, December 12, and keeps an eye on the kids to report back to Santa each night

But sometimes, when he's particularly bored because the kids are being good (hey, it happens!) he gets into mischief.   
The kids were just tickled that Chester tried to make hot chocolate and the lengths he went to build a tower to get high enough to use the microwave.  Hey, it seems like he fits in well in our family.  I know a couple two year olds that would do such a thing!


Rach said...

so cute!!

Julie V. said...

very cute...the Christmas elf is a fun way to encourage the kids to try and behave while waiting for Santa's arrival!

Just SO said...

Not gonna lie this elf on the shelf idea creeps me out. I'm SO glad my kids are too old for it ;)


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