Thursday, December 08, 2011

I'm not gaining many popularity points.

I think I may have secured the title of Meanest Mom of the Year. 

We just started a new points system with the kids.  It's very much like the Mommy Store but they can redeem points daily.  Their only limitation is they can only pick one goody/treat per day.  No saving up 50 points and buying five candy canes to snork down at once.

For example:

Today the goodies available to buy are Cherry Cordial Cookies and candy canes.  Most of the kids picked a candy cane.  But since I had two green apple Tootsie pops left, I offered the twins that option.  They happily chose "pop-pops."

Of course they would NOT stay in their chairs at the table.  High chairs aren't even an option anymore-- they can escape in less than 30 seconds from them.

I should also add, it's FREEZING outside.  So sitting on the porch licking a lollipop is not an option either.

I reminded them about twelve times to sit at the table with their lollipops.

Then I told them, "If you don't stay at the table I will have to take away your lollipop." 

In about 90 seconds there was lollipop stickiness on my curtains, digital grand piano, lightswitches, doorknobs and the bottom of the television (which was off so I don't know why it lured them). 

I had to keep my word.  We don't issue threats unless we're willing to follow through.

I took the lollipops.  I knew full well that if I threw them in the kitchen trash they'd dig them right back out.  So I marched outside to the curb, where the big black garbage can is waiting for the garbage man, with twins trailing closely behind, and tossed them in. 

Squdge threw himself down in the middle of the road a helpless Pop-Pop-less heap.

The crying didn't cease for about 10 minutes.  The pouting much longer.  Gabbers just watched in disbelief.  The only reason they did stop crying was because I put Word World on so I could stuff workboxes and teach a long division lesson.


Lisa said...

good for you, sticking to your guns!

JoMamma said...

I agree good job following through. I also agree that suckers should not be eaten in the house.

Julie V. said...

follow through can be tough some times, but must be done. Maybe next time they really will stay at the table!


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