Sunday, December 04, 2011

Gabbers Under the Sea Party with Friends

Every four years, our children enjoy birthday parties with friends.  This year for Gabbers 8th birthday party, she chose an Under the Sea theme.  We started the party off with games:

Under the Sea Relay
Crab walk from start to the tunnels.
Eel swim through the tunnels.

Put on the mermaid tail (pillowcase) and hop to the end (the fence).
Raise your hand to signal to your next teammate to go.

Fish, Fish, SHARK!

This was an "Under the Sea" rendition of "Duck, Duck, Goose."  No pictures because I was busy running around playing it with the kids while Danny was busy finishing up the poster board for:

Put the fish in the bowl

A fishy version of "Pin the tail on the donkey.  We were going to do "Pin the tail on the Whale" but thought it would be more fun to put the fish in the bowl (and easier to draw).

Bonus points if you get it in its little house.

Fish that don't make it in the bowl died.  *eek*

We also played The Fishing game.  I laminated the fish so I could reuse them for Primary.  I'm the new chorister.  I used a wooden dowel with some string tied to it and a magnet on the end.  Each fish had a paper clip on it.

I forgot to take pictures of this game.  Everyone's fish had something on the back.  One fish was different.  Everyone won a prize of Twizzlers or Smarties (remember this was just before Halloween) and there was a grand-prize:  Flavor-blasted Goldfish (from the dollar store). 

Then we had Gabbers open her presents.

 After presents we had cake that Danny ordered from the commissary (because I nearly had a mental breakdown that week thanks to my little twin buddies).  And it's a good thing we did, Lindsay from the bakery did a fabulous decorating job.  It was white cake with buttercream frosting and Bavarian creme filling.  Yum!
Gabbers was pretty happy about it.

We passed out goody bags to everyone.  The contents:  Goldfish crackers, Swedish fish, bubbles, banana creme pie pudding cups (they looked like beach or sand colors), and a balloon in cellophane bags that had sea critters all over them (that I bought on vacation in Utah one year a looong time ago). 

I originally planned the party to be inside.  But the day before in a short period of about 10 minutes horrible HORRIBLE things happened due to the two year old-ness of the twins.  Danny suggested an outdoor party also planning on how many boys were also going to be there.  It worked out well.  I had to toss out all the decoration plans I had-- since they wouldn't work outside.  But the bubbles and the sea anemones seemed adequate.

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