Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why haven't you updated your blog?

I have a curious Tater who keeps me on my toes sometimes more than his buddy Squdge.

Nikki:  Buddy, why are you shredding the garbage bag?
Tater:  I uh no. 
translation:  I don't know.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Tater is a "go get 'em" little guy.  Here he takes a break from harrassing the bookshelf to snack on the couch with lunchmeat.

We took a break from our regularly scheduled calm *snort* to go trick o' treating.

Left to right we have:  Two Daddies (these mini-flight suits are actually closer to the pilot's ones than missileers), Jack o' Lanterns wearing each other's costume - oops (Tater is bigger than Squdge), a fairy in the middle and Superman holding a butterfly who's escaping her costume.  Catch all that?

Other than Gabbers friend party, this brings you through October.  mostly.


Anonymous said...

Before I actually read the post I looked at the pictures and was thinking that Taters feet were bigger than Squdges. lol

They are all so cute! i love the little daddies. They are just a couple of mini-me's. :)


Nikki said...


The angle of this picture is a little weird. Bun is certainly not as tall as Pookie or Gabbers. And the pumpkin costumes-- Tater is supposed to be wearing the 4T and Squdge is supposed to be wearing the 2T. But they got reversed before we realized it. Tater is closer to a 3 than a 4T though. He also wears a full shoe size bigger than Squdge. :P

Julie V. said...

LOVE the photos... and fun comments, too :)

Large Family Small World said...

Looks like you had a fun, busy October! I found your blog on the Mega Family blog.... I'm an air force wife and mom to seven too!


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