Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A change of heart

Look what I found in the living room corner.  This little set up reminded me of the joy in childrens' hearts this time of year and brought me back to my youth.

I remember laying under the Christmas tree and squinting up at the lights to make the colors blur together. 

I recall looking at my reflection in the ornaments and imagining living in the shiny red or green world. 

I've been pretty bummed this year because we don't have enough lights for our 7-foot Christmas tree.  And to add enough strings of lights to our tree adds up pretty fast.  I can't bring myself to pay $129 for a skinny 7-foot prelit tree with pine cones on it.  So I'm waiting until the after-Christmas sales to get a new one.

We have this little tree and half the lights on it don't work.  But they're still on it because half of each of the strings DO work.  It's gross.  Don't look close. 

But no matter how negative I feel about my sad harrassed little tree, my kids love it.  And they want to turn the lights on all day long.  They want to handle the ornaments and redecorate it.  They want to lay under it and daydream.  They want to be kids enjoying Christmastime.  So I'm letting them.  I have had a change of heart.


Lisa said...

I too loved to look up under the tree and blur the colors with my eyes. And it's amazing to me how difficult motherhood is--but how every day right at the brink of insanity, there comes that sweet assurance that your children came from God, and that He loves them just as much as you do. Your tree is beautiful for all the right reasons, and the other reasons don't matter. Merry Christmas, Nikki!

Nikki said...


I don't know how you do it. You always are able to have a wonderful eternal perspective on things and lift me up. Thanks!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I came in here to make a comment about how this post made me smile and gave me warm feelings. Then I read Lisa's comment and now I'm all teary. Thanks both of you.


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