Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hammy's bed Kiddie Kwip

After I got everybody to bed tonight, I heard a faint little voice calling from the big boys' room,  "Mommy, I'm scared."

So I went and gathered up Hammy and his blankie and his baby duck (Fluffy Duck is in surgery) and brought him back to my bed.  Danny's been gone for two weeks to his eye surgery and appointments and Hammy has had a hard time with it. 

I lay in bed next to him and we sang and signed a few primary songs.  Then he said, "Mommy?  Why your bed doesn't have words on it?"

I pondered this for a minute trying to decipher what the heck he meant.

And he said it again, "Mommy?  Why your bed doesn't have words on it like my bed?"  Instantly I thought of all he crayon and pencil I scrubbed off this evening with a magic eraser and then I remembered, Oh yeah.  I put laminate words on his bed that say, "A ducky and his boy sleep here."
(that's Fluffy Duck)
I chuckled and said, "Hammy, what should it say?"  Thinking I might seriously put something there before Danny gets home tomorrow to surprise him. 

Hammy was quick.  He knew just what it should say,

"Our Mommy and Daddy sleep here, and our Hammy."


Rach said...

That is too cute! Hammy can come sleep here anytime, Rusty will protect him!

Lisa said...

So cute! :)

Sara said...

How funny! :)

i'm erin. said...

He is my favorite. I love him. And wow, I didn't realize danny had been gone so long! suck.