Thursday, July 07, 2011

You all are too kind.

Seriously, I DO need to lose 85 pounds.  I'm not setting my goal weight as extremely low either.  And I don't have the guts to blog right now how much I weigh.  But when I'm done, I'll clue you all in and you can gasp a collected gasp of "OmigoshbutsheneverSOUNDEDthatfat."

With that said, I don't really need to lose 85 pounds anymore.  It's 77 pounds now.  Isn't that AWESOME?!

I joined (MFP) on June 10th.  It's a free site that you use to log your food and exercise and encourage one another.  My sister Leslie told me about it.  My initial goal when joining MFP, was to just log everything I eat for 100 days.  I wasn't going to worry about how many calories I was eating over the recommended or anything.  I was just going to write it down.  I figured it would probably cause me to eat healthier and be aware of serving sizes.

But then there were all these amazing success stories on there that inspired me to set some weight goals.  That's when I decided on my goal weight.  And I broke down the weight-loss into manageable mini-goals complete with rewards-- none of which are edible. 

This week I decided to up my water intake and learn about recommended sodium levels.  Boy were my eyes opened!  Just google "recommended sodium levels per day" and you'll see for yourself.  Just how savvy are you when it comes to recommended sodium levels?

My weakness is not sweets.  Sure I love candy and desserts and can be somewhat of a chocoholic.  But when I find myself eating and eating well beyond a reasonable serving, it usually involves savory foods.  I LOVE garlic.  I LOVE butter.  I LOVE cheese.  I LOVE pizza.  And, well, I'll just stop this food-talk or I'm going to start thinking of these things too much.  You get the point. 

There's a reason I'm fat and it's not the kids.  I was fat before Pookie was born.  I'm an emotional eater. 

So now I'm on a journey to handle my emotions better. 

I'm learning to make healthier snack and meal choices and I'm LOVING the challenge it brings.

Sure it would be awesome for the weight to just instantly come off right now and be able to wear size 6 jeans again, but I want to make this a healthy lifestyle change.  I want my kids to learn to eat healthy and to learn how to handle their emotions in a healthy manner so they don't find themselves in the same boat as an adult.

So I'm okay with not being at my goal weight yet.  I imagine in the year I've set out for myself to burn the weight off, I'm going to learn a lot about who I am and I'm going to fall in love with exercise again.


FluffyChicky said...

I love the butter and cheese too. Sigh.

I'm a "well, I can't find anything better to do so I think I'll eat something" kind of an eater.
Double sigh.

Marcy said...

I love how upbeat you are in this post. Very inspiring. Keep it up. You'll get where you want to be!

Leslie said...

I'm so excited to see where we'll be in a year with MFP's help! And all that we're learning about nutrition is awesome!

Nikki said...

FluffyChicky- I probably should've elaborated. I'm not just an emotional eater. I'm also a bored eater and an overwhelmed with everything eater and a That looks really great I think I'll bake that and eat it too! eater. I'm very persuaded by food and smells. very I could go on.

Lisa said...

As you learn more, I'd love to hear about your stress-coping techniques that help you overcome the emotions without eating. That's totally my problem. I hate to admit that the other day I got really frustrated with my kids and husband and drowned my worries in a piece of cheesecake. And you know what? It DIDN'T help! I was still just as frustrated, and now had added another 400 calories to the mix! I've watched a TV show to help sometimes, or go for a walk. I know which one is best. I will try harder now.

But yes, sodium is the silent killer. It's crazy how much salt there is in things! A year ago I made a goal to cut my salt in half. The best way to reduce salt is to get rid of all processed and pre-packaged foods and make things from scratch. I'm not talking about cookies from scratch. I'm talking about steamed vegetables, grilled chicken, poached salmon, baked potatoes, etc. I have found I really don't need that much salt. And I love experimenting with lots of herbs and spices to make it delicious without the salt. Garlic, yes!

Julie V. said...

awesome post, Nikki ......keep up the good work.


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