Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too many calories, not enough time to eat them

Yesterday I posted about increasing my calories per day so I wasn't losing too much per week- thus protecting my metabolism from thinking it needs to go into starvation mode. 

But last night I found myself with loads of calories left after eating well all day.  I was trying to think of what I could eat to use those calories.  I had raw broccoli with a little cream cheese.  I made the cake bites for Bun's birthday party and had a little of that.  I had Cheetos.  I had pizza.  And I was like,

This is NOT the way to do it! If I have to eat junk food just to get enough calories according to what I thought logically would work, I'm not going to lose weight.

So, I've decided 2700 is too much.  And yes, that does include my 500 calories for nursing Peach.  But a base of 2200 is still too much. 

Then while showering this morning I just kept thinking,
I didn't need to jump a whole 500 calories a day.  I'm just going to increase it 100 calories today and reevaluate after a  day or two.

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The Chapman's said...

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