Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer flowing smooth? Mix it up with an unexpected party.

Sometimes when life gets too organized, I find myself dumped on with extra activities.  usually of my own doing.  But not this time.  This time I got roped into it by a very sad, mopey face with a good excuse.

A certain Bun will be turning six years old in just over two weeks.  And he wants a friend party.  This means we need to start planning in May.  And it's not May anymore people. 

I tried to tell him he can have one when he turns 8.  But he pointed out that Hammy had one and he just turned 4, and Gabbers had one too when she was 4, and HE didn't get one when he turned 4 and why not??!!

So, I told him I was hospitalized with the twins' pregnancy.  And when he was five (when we were going to try to do the party), I was pregnant with Peach. 

He looked at me and said resolutely, "Well, I want my friend party this year.  and I want a pinata and to play musical chairs."

And I couldn't answer with, "Bun dear, I'm just about full right now with swim lessons, ballet, and occupational therapy.  Not to mention Daddy has an inspection at work this month which means I'd have to plan everything myself-- which I usually do with parties but I wouldn't necessarily have the time since I'd be putting you all to bed by myself with his late nights and be limited to how much time I have in the evenings after I finally get y'all to sleep.  I think if I have to bake a cake or even have one in the home it will be detrimental to my diet.  And I'm still freaked out we got our XBOX Live account hacked into with our credit card run up and wondering if we should stop that card right now just in case.  I'm thinking you should just have a party with your siblings and maybe just go bowling." 

But I did not answer like that.  He would've glazed over like you just did.

So I've got to get me some crafty links to show me what shapes I can slap newspaper with flour and glue on and magically turn it into a fanciful child's birthday party pinata.  And invite enough kids over to march around chairs.


Lisa said...

Ok Nikki, here are my suggestions.

1) Decorate your own cupcakes/ice cream sundaes. It's a nice, long activity that 6-year-olds can do well. Buy small packages of candy or sprinkles (gummy bears, marshmallows, peanuts, chocolate chips, etc), and then put out bowls of frosting and cupcakes for the kids to do themselves. If you make cupcakes, they're already pre-portioned and you can give leftovers away instead of having half a cake leftover to tempt you. Not to mention you don't have to stand there and decorate a cake yourself, thereby begging you to lick your fingers. If you do ice cream sundaes, buy a nice non-fat sherbet. Wal-Mart has a really tasty raspberry sherbet that is non-fat and great for a party. If you want you can of course couple this with a higher-fat option for the non-dieters, but you don't have to.

2) Instead of spending time to make all your own party favors, just buy the supplies you would make (your pencils, balloons, bags, whatever), and do a treasure hunt during the party. At each clue have a little bowl of the favors and each child gets one. Reduces time in divvying it all up between bags.

3) Just use a balloon for the base of your pinata. Once it dries, you can paint it. Or tape together empty cereal boxes to make a robot.

You can do it!

Momza said...

A kids' party is just two hours long.
You can do this!
Best thing you can have to make the party is huge memorable success is
He won't remember much about that day, just that YOU were excited about giving HIM a Party!


JoMamma said...

Hey two kids can march around a chair. Three can march around two chairs. You only need two friends. I know you will pull this off.


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