Thursday, June 02, 2011

In which I give thanks for my diaper pail

Another nice thing about cloth diapering is having a diaper pail to throw poopy underwear in. 

I was all sorts of distraught when Hammy announced (just 3 minutes short of my cupcakes timer going off), "I think that's poop I put there."

"Where?"  I asked, naively.

"There," he said, pointing to his rear-end.

"You need to poop?"  I asked, hopeful.

"No, I accidentally did it there."

On the way to the bathroom with a spray-bottle of Quick Job in one hand and a rag in another, I mentally prepped myself for what the toilet seat might look like when I remember, Hey! I have a diaper pail to toss that underwear into.


Lisa said...

hm. That is definitely a plus. As I've been potty training Annalisa, I've had countless poopy underwears to clean and always face a dilemma: how to wash this? Can I just throw it in the washer with my other laundry (after rinsing, of course)? A diaper pail would certainly solve that issue.

Jen said...

Great idea. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind when we get to that stage. I think I've set up small laundry bags in pretty much every room in our apartment right now!


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