Thursday, May 26, 2011

My fourth child turned FOUR.

Almost two weeks ago on Friday, May 13, 2011, Hammy turned four.  It was the day before his friend birthday party.  He wasn't at all interested in hearing how he bounded into the world Mother's Day morning without enough time for me to get an epidural.  So we skipped ahead to the grandparents' presents.

Gabbers reading birthday book titles to Hammy.

Later in the evening, Hammy went on his first camping trip, along with Bun, Pookie, and Danny.

Ham, Bun, Pookie 5/13/11

They got lost on the way there (to the Stake Father-Son Campout).  There was only one ice cream left.  Two boys were not as happy as the boy with the ice cream.  And since they were a little late, it was a little too dark to set up the tent.  But three little boys were pretty happy about sleeping in the van.  And getting their own row to themselves.
Pookie, being the tallest of the three boys, got to sleep in the back row of the van.

Bun, being the middle boy of the three big boys, slept in the middle row.

And Hammy, being the shortest, slept in the front row.

And the Daddy got the short straw and slept in the passenger seat-- which did not recline as far as one would think.

Meanwhile, the Mommy, Gabbers, Peach, and the twins were preparing the home and cupcakes for Hammy's Polka Dot birthday party with friends that would be the very next afternoon. be continued


Sree said...

nice blog:)

Julie V. said...

looking forward to the second installment of the father/son outing! Great pictures. I'm so grateful that you share so much! I miss you guys.


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