Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to get your rain gutters cut

As mentioned in my Mother's Day post, Danny installed rain gutter bookshelves for me as one of my Mother's Day gifts. 

I, however, was the one to do the research, measure, and shop for the right equipment.  I read online (on blogs) that Home Depot would not cut the rain gutters for you. 

So I figured that I'd have to buy a hack saw too.  That's what Kimberly used to make hers.

I loaded up the kids and went to Home Depot. 

I put Peach in the backpack and the twins in the driver's seats of the shopping cart.  Hammy sat in the main basket of the cart.  Gabbers and Bun held onto one side of the cart and Pookie on the other.

And we balanced the 10 ft. rain gutters in the cart precariously trying not to take out anyone's unsuspecting eye when we turned corners down aisles.  We found a spot at Home Depot that looked like they cut things.  I asked the man, "Can you cut these into 4 ft. sections for me?"

He said, "Not here.  But they can in plumbing.  Let me call down there and make sure he's there."

He sent me down to the plumbing department and the man cut them for me.  And it looked like a lot of work!

So if you want to do rain gutter bookshelves yourself, and you don't own a hack saw (or even know what one is), just grab a half dozen kids plus one very smiley baby, and shop at Home Depot. 

And bonus, I just found out our Home Depot offers a 10% military discount!

This is not a paid post.  I just happen to like Home Depot.  This is also where I got my supplies.  However, if Home Depot would like to sponsor a giveaway or some such awesomeness, they are welcome to contact me.  ;)


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I love that about Home Depot. We used to buy big sheets of plywood or MDF (4 feet by 8 feet or bigger) that filled the back of our van with all the seats out, then grab at least two of our kids to manhandle the big board onto the table saw and make those first few cuts. Now that we no longer have kids at home, and the two of us aren't as tough as we were ten years ago, it's wonderful to have Home Depot make the first big cut, ripping the board into a couple of pieces that we can handle. We also don't have our van anymore - Lisa does. We don't have kids either. :) Remind me to tell you sometime about taking all of our kids when we bought a new van. Talk about a great deal!

Lisa Loo said...

I bow to you wisdom and sheer diy awesomeness....


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