Monday, April 11, 2011

Look right over there on my sidebar.

It's on the right.  I only have one sidebar right now. 

Do you see the picture of Gabbers?  My sister, Erin, took it. 

Isn't Erin talented?  Even though she has been known to travel half-way across the world for a client, I'd guess that most of her photography customers are in Utah County. 

Here is her button. 


Press it. 

I know you're curious about her work.  It is awesome.  seriously.  You can go like her here.


JoMamma said...

Beautiful. Erin always does an awesome job.

Julie V. said...

Love the photo!

Lisa Loo said...

Such a cute little girl, beautiful photo...

Kayleen said...

Your fridge party sounds awesome! Wish you lived closer or vice versa! Your pictures turned out so cute! Erin is a fabulous photographer!