Thursday, April 07, 2011

"It is not okay to put enchiladas in your nose."

Sometimes after saying such ridiculous things as this, I think about my mother-in-law.  On occasion she shares her wisdom with me in regards to child-rearing. 

If you didn't notice, I have a few "spirited" or "enthusiastic" children in the bunch.

One thing that I hear my mother-in-law say (in my mind) almost daily, "Pick your battles."

Today I chose the enchiladas battle versus explaining to the Urgent Care doc why my toddlers can't breathe. 

Unfortunately, telling Squdge, "It is not okay to put enchiladas in your nose" made him cry. 

What a meanie I am making up such absurd rules!

And just now I just heard myself say, "Is that cheese or snot coming out of his nose?" 

No, my job is not glamorous.  But it's worth it.


Jo said...

Way back there used to be a song that said, "Our mother said not to be beans in our ears, beans in our ears, beans in our ears . . ." I guess just one of the steps is enchiladas in your nose.

That Girl said...


Excellent advice. I might needlepoint it for the wall.

Julie V. said...

Still choosing my battles!
Never could figure out why little ones like to put things up there nose! An old friend who is an emergency room nurse told us some amazing stories about things kids stick up there...adults too!

JoMamma said...

Hehehehe. That is a great parenting moment.


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