Friday, April 22, 2011

In which you find out we're not a Miracle Whip family, love our cream cheese, and don't drink

Here's a picture of my kitchen fridge.

I didn't wash any shelves or splatters or toss out anything old before snapping this.  I do that so you can feel comfortable with our friendship.  And if you come over to my house for a visit, you'll catch it on the messy side unless you give me adequate notice.  And if you do give me adequate notice, I still don't promise much.  I do that for you too.  I'm generous like that so you can always feel good about your home.  ;)

The fridge right now is a little on the sparse side for our family.  I haven't made a good grocery shopping trip in a while.  I did grab those tortillas at Wal-Mart a few days ago and the cream cheese I picked up when I went for a quick bunny-run to the commissary right before they closed.  The cream cheese were only 79 cents each with coupons.  And since they don't expire in forever, I grabbed a bunch.  I should've grabbed more coupons too.   hmm...

Ever since Laurie mentioned turntables in my previous post and then posted her fridge party pictures, I have been wanting drooling!  My fridge doesn't have anything special going on in it.  Let alone awesome turntables.  They are on my shopping list.

It is very exciting for me to have a spare fridge in my garage now that I can use for bread kits and for Danny's frozen lunches and extra gallons of milk and later in the year holiday pies.  But the true challenge and enjoyment with organization comes in the fridge in the house that the family uses multiple times a day.  An organized fridge makes life easier.  When it's organized food doesn't get lost in the back forty and die.

An ideal fridge in my mind:

  • holds enough gallons of milk for the whole family
  • has the right-sized shelves
  • a cheese/meat drawer
  • non-broken crisper drawers
  • shelves in the door not too tall
  • and now, of course, TURNTABLES!

I can't wait.  Then I will show you a more lovely organized fridge.  Until then, I feel like you're peering into my sock drawer and learning something about me from seeing this sadness.  lol

Someone related to me, and I'm not going to say her name in case she doesn't want me to-- but if you're related to me to you can probably guess who it is-- once labeled the shelves in her fridge.  I want to do that.  My only worry, do the labels come off when it's time to leave and the Air Force wants its fridge spotless? 

If I could label my fridge shelves, ahhh what a beautiful thing it would be.  Turntables and labels?  I could die happy.  And hey, I made a rhyme. 


Susie J. said...

Hey, I think we have the same fridge! (inside AND outside!) Except... mine has more gunky leftovers. And less cream cheese and produce. And miracle whip.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Wow, I'm famous! And it was really my mom who started the whole thing, but I do love my turntables!


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